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動物團體不妨特別與領養家庭強調以下幾點,提醒他們如何盡力防止狗狗走失︰ 植入晶片。即使狗狗項圈在中途遺失,獸醫診所或領養團體仍可憑掃描晶片而找到狗家長的聯絡資料。 佩戴項圈和刻有你聯絡電話的姓名標籤,以便途人拾獲狗狗時可以直接與你聯繫。 外出散步必須牽繩及使用合身的胸背帶。 名字喚回未熟練之前,不應在空曠地方放繩,宜改用長牽繩讓狗狗安全地探索。 在玄關設置安全閘,以免狗狗奪門而出。 狗狗是家人,應該養在室內,特別是在放煙花炮仗或行雷閃電的日子。 確保花園和天台安全,定期檢查及修補損毀處。 時刻留意狗狗及四周環境,切勿將狗狗拴在商店外或無人看管的地方。 .

One of the biggest fears most dog rescuers and volunteers have is the adopted dog go missing in the new home. It is highly heartbreaking and traumatic, no matter to the dog parents, adoption crew or the dog, It’s an experience no one should ever have to go through.

Here are some steps you may remind your adopters to take in order to prevent the adopted dog from going missing and help with the recovery: Have your dog microchipped. If your dog loses their collar and ends up lost, a vet or shelter can scan for the microchip, which will have their name and your contact information. Get a collar and ID tag which includes your up-to-date phone number, so that people can contact you immediately if your dog is found. Always leash your dog at walks, and use a well-fitted harness. When the name recall is not yet reliable, your dog should not be off-leashed in open are

as. Use a long training leash instead to allow your dog to explore safely. Set up a baby-gate at the hallway to prevent your dog escaping from the door. Dogs are our family. They should be kept indoor, especially when there is firework or thunderstorm. Secure your yard and roof. Check and repair the fencing for any lose panels. Pay attention to your dog and the surroundings, especially in unfamiliar locations. Never leave your dog leashed outside a store or left unattended. .


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