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之前分享了如何 #正確接觸新認識狗狗,但如果突然有陌生狗狗走過來,或者遇見過分活潑的的狗狗,小孩感到害怕應該怎麼辦?家長可以事先教孩子記著口號「變身樹 Be a Tree!」,感到害怕時就馬上如大樹一般,站著不動,握著雙手垂低,不跑跳,不高聲呼叫、也不直視狗狗,一直保持大樹姿勢直至成人前來協助,而一般狗狗見狀,也會失去興趣而慢慢離開。

We have shared “How to Greet A Dog Politely” before, but what if your child is frightened by an approaching strange dog or an over-excitely dog? Teach your children “BE A TREE” now! Ask them to stand still like a tree, hold hands, do not run or jump, do not scream, do not look at the dog, until an adult comes to help or the dog lose interest and leave.


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