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The first dog has brought so much joy to the family that many would be tempted to add a second dog so that the 4-legged kids can accompany each other. But having a second dog is not as simple as adding a food bowl or a dog bed, there are so much more to consider and arrange. 

HKDR Education & Training Manager, Cactus, has assisted countless families to find their new family members and mingle their old and new dogs. She will guide you to go through the whole journey in this workshop: 
—  Things to consider
—  Choose a suitable new dog  
—  The first encounter 
—  Prepare your house
—  The BIG day
—  Mingling period
—  Facilitate dog friendships 
—  Handle dog conflicts 


🌐 Webinar Platform 🌐 
Recorded Webinar 
* Please pick a time slot randomly when register. 
* Recording link will be provided after the payment is completed. 
* Recording will be available for 1 month.

💳  Fee  💳
HKD 380

❤️  Part of the proceeds will go to HKDR for dog welfare and education purposes ❤️


※ We will primarily use email as our main means of contact, so please try to avoid providing Yahoo email addresses, and check your spam/social media/promotions folders, etc., for emails.

※ Unless canceled by Companion Animal College, all tuition fees paid are non-refundable.

Adding a second dog?│Recorded Webinar

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